35 Weeks

I have reached 35 weeks, almost full term. My body is getting a serious message from my brain; I want to have this baby sooner than later. My body is listening.

On Thursday afternoon my mucus plug came out. For those of you with tough stomachs- Google mucus plug. I promise you that you will want to eat Jello or Jello pudding after seeing the majestic images. So why did I Google it? Well, I wanted to know how the hell a jellyfish was coming out of my body. After texting a few girlfriends it became unanimous- it was definitely not a jellyfish, it was THE mucus plug. I missed this cherished milestone in my pregnancy with Everly, I didn’t have a clue. So of course I Googled it. And it’s not like I searched in the images feature. Why do they have to show you a sample of images with every search. Google there are some things I wish you didn’t have the images for. And why in God’s name do people photograph things like that- GROSS. I was told to call my midwife.

So I page the midwife, leaving a message about my discovery. She called me back a few minutes later and we went over details. Gross. Yes, she said, it was definitely my mucus plug. Joy of joys, let’s throw a dinner party! She said that labour could start any time now. Hmmm, well that does make this whole situation a little bit interesting then doesn’t it. She said I likely wouldn’t for a few more weeks, but that I need to take it super easy. Yes, she does know I have a two year old. Basically she told me to turn water into wine.

I went the weekend “taking it easy.” I saw her again today and she “took a peek” at how my cervix was doing. Ah, taking a peek at the old cervix, pretty much my favourite thing to do EVER. It’s not uncomfortable at all, not the slightest bit. She announced that I am about 2 centimetres dilated already and 50% effaced. She said there would be no Ikea trip for me tomorrow. BOO! She also ordered an ultrasound as I am still measuring a few weeks ahead of where I am.

I was told that measuring big and being too full of amniotic fluid can pose a potential risk in birth. The cord can slip down with the head when the water breaks and get pinched. Hmmm, that sounded kind of familiar and it’s because that’s the exact complication that we experienced with Everly’s birth. The cord was pinched between her head and my cervix, so during a contraction it would get compressed and her heart rate would drop scary low. Fun times. So an ultrasound will tell us if we are at risk for this happening again. I was just about to say, let’s take him out of there now. Cut me open and take him out now.

Now as much as I don’t want to actually be pregnant anymore, I also don’t really want to have this baby until we reach 37 weeks. If he was born now he would be okay, but we would potentially have to stay in the hospital with him until he was latching well and gaining weight. Personally I would rather have him stay where he is so that we can both stay at home! The least amount of time in the hospital the better as far as I am concerned. In an ideal world I would have him and then go home a couple hours later.

So what’s he up to in there? I went on the BabyCentre.com website and found this lovely little description and diagram…

Your baby now weighs about 5.25 pounds/ 2.4 kilograms and measures approximately 18 inches/ 45 centimetres from head to toe. His elbow, foot or head may protrude from your stomach when he stretches and squirms about. Soon, as the wall of your uterus and your abdomen stretch thinner and let in more light, your baby will begin to develop daily activity cycles.

This week, your little one is now sporting fingernails and has a fully developed pair of kidneys. His liver can also process some waste products.

There’s much less amniotic fluid and much more baby in your uterus, which has expanded to a thousand times its original size. You’ve probably put on between 25 and 30 pounds/ 11 and 13.6 kilograms and your weight gain has hit its peak. Even your belly button has got bigger and has popped outward. You may be feeling breathless now that the top of your uterus is up under your ribs. Try getting down on all fours to take deeper breaths. Although the pressure on your bladder will make the bathroom your second home, don’t drink any less water — your baby needs the fluids. But you may like to cut down on diuretic drinks like tea and coffee, which will make you have to urinate even more often.

And this is what they say he looks like…

And this is what I look like from the outside…


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  1. You are so tiny … I am that size and I am only 23 weeks 😛
    Adorable bump, nonetheless!

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