The First Night

So our first night had some success. Matty slept in his crib twice, he slept some longer stretches in bed with us, and twice he put himself back to sleep without nursing. And of course there were challenges… The first time I put him down it took 30 minutes and he slept for 45. The second time it took me 80 minutes and he slept for another 45. I was a little discouraged after this and B was helpful in offering to take over. Matty would have none of it and began screaming. After giving them a few minutes to sort it out, I walked into Matty’s room and scooped him up to be nursed back to sleep in our bed! Agh, I know. Where is the consistency. Well consistency left while heart and survival took over. Funny how that happens. We are going to stick to our plan tonight, (there’s your consistency), and I have no qualms with bringing him back to bed again. What I am hoping for is longer and longer stretches on his own. In 10 days I hope to see some difference. Below I have attached a photo of how the night went…


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