On the second night…

Night two started off more challenging than night one. It took 80 minutes to put Matty down the first time, and then he slept for 6 minutes. Yep, 6 minutes. Just long enough for me to return a phone call to Everly’s preschool teacher. Another 20 minutes of rocking and soothing and he was down again. This stretch of sleep lasted 4 hours. Yep, 4 hours. He went down around 8:45 and was up around 12:45. And of course I figured he would be up in 45 minutes so I read a book in bed waiting for him. When I finished the book, I realized that a considerable amount of time had passed. Isn’t it amazing how quickly times flies when you are reading a good book!? I looked at the clock and noticed that it had been 2 hours! It was 10:45, wow. Time to go to sleep. And I fell asleep before I could reach the 70’s (to turn my brain off I will often count backwards from 100 with “ha” breathing in between numbers). I was shocked when I woke at 12:45. I spent another 50 minutes trying to put him back down in his crib, I even nursed him. When it was pushing 2:00am I gave up. He came back to bed with me. I nursed him again and he fell back asleep right away. I had high hopes, I’m not gonna lie. And the high hopes came to a crashing halt when he proceeded to wake up every hour for the rest of the night. He was up for the day at 7:57am.

I felt very discouraged. I tried to focus on the 4 hour stretch (which has happened less times than I have fingers), but I felt completely unmotivated to continue. My feels were evident apparently, as while I was changing Matty’s diaper B gave me a big hug. We decided that we will just keep doing what we are doing. Trying to put him down in his crib and hoping that he sleeps longer stretches. When it gets to be too much, he can come back to our bed. I forgot how discouraging sleep training is. At least this time I don’t have the guilt of letting him cry, that’s a bonus, lol, ah the little silver lining.


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