The third night of sleep training is always supposed to be the worst apparently… I am going to have to agree, and I can back up my claim with proof. I would like to bring to your attention my first piece of evidence:


And my second piece of evidence for you to examine…

Yes, that is a big blank space. That blank space represents my mind, I’ve lost it, it’s blank, doesn’t exist anymore. As you can see from the photo, he was a whole lot easier to put down the first time. Silly me, I walked around proud as a peacock, thinking of course that he was “getting it,” and of course that he would sleep four hours again. Nope. The little bugger was just messing with my mind.

So there you have it, the third night has by far been the worst!

Once he came into our bed I didn’t bother trying him in the crib again. I was so exhausted. Before I started this whole sleep training thing I thought that I had nothing left to loose, he wasn’t sleeping for long periods anyway. But oh yes, there was more to loose. You see, there is that precious time in between.

When he is in bed, I only need to roll to the side and he latches on like a sucker fish, and then I fall back to sleep. When he is in his crib it’s more of a process. He takes 20 to 80 minutes to put to sleep and sleeps either 6 minutes, 45 minutes or 4 hours. The Vegas odds on the 4 hour stretch is currently 24 to 1. So each time I put him down, it’s a big gamble. I find it discouraging to put 80 minutes into putting him down to only get 6 minutes of sleep… Call me crazy.

It’s a good thing they’re cute.


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