Watch Me Grow

Don’t want to miss a moment of your little one’s first year of life? Well now you don’t have to! Little Pickle Photography is pleased to offer the Watch Me Grow portrait plan. The Watch Me Grow plan is for parents who would like to pre-plan portrait sessions for their baby’s first year of life. Babies change so much from the time they are born to the time of their momentous first birthday (I know this first hand being a mom myself!). The plan makes it easy for parents to capture their little one at various ages and stages in their development; holding their head up, sitting on their own and finally, standing on those cute little baby feet! Watch Me Grow offers discounts on session fees, digital negatives, prints, albums, etc.  The plan can be set up during your child’s first months of life, or even at your maternity or newborn session.  Watch Me Grow includes:

  • 3 sessions throughout your baby’s first year (suggested ages are 4 months, 8 months and one year)
  • 10×20 dry mounted storyboard at the end of the year with one photo from each session
  • Discounts on additional products like digital negatives and prints


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