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11 Months

Matty is 11 months old today. He officially turned 10 months on the 7th. It has been an eventful month. He has had highs and lows. The most exciting high would have to be his FIRST STEPS! He took 3 solo steps on Monday June 4. Out of nowhere, he just let go of one couch and walked to the next! He took a a little fall towards the end of last week, which has made him a bit nervous, so he’s been cautiously sticking to 1-3 steps at a time. I am perfectly, perfectly happy with that! LOL. Once Evie took her first steps, it was about two weeks until she was walking more than crawling, and about a month that she was a full-time confident walker on all terrains. My guess is that Babeh will reach that milestone late into next month. He is so much more cautious than his big sister!

The scary low, would be when he was unresponsive during a fever, and we had to call 911. He had strep throat, an ear infection and a virus that caused a full body rash. Towards the end of the fever period, it was suspected that he had Scarlet Fever. Babeh was sick; it was a really rough week. One that really challenged me as a mother. It took five days for the fever to finally break. When we had our happy boy back, I swear I did a jig.

He is talking quite a bit these days. He says: ball, hi, mama, dada and dog. He has started pointing to things while saying “dat,” he wants to know what everything is! He started a really fun trick this past week- I ask him, “where’s mommy’s nose?’ and he points to my nose! Tee-hee! Oh the little things. He is generally a very happy, and social little man. I’m very proud of him.

I can’t believe that in one month, he will be a whole year old. I don’t know where the time goes.

And the monthly compare shot! Evie (ON LEFT) was 30 inches tall and 21 pounds, 3 ounces. Matty (ON RIGHT) is 31 inches tall, 23 pounds, 13 ounces. He’s slowing down… actually he lost a bit of weight at the beginning of last month, so it was good to see the scale go up!


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Trash The Dress… Literally!

I have done quite a few rock the frock sessions. But I have never photographed one such as this… one where the bride literally throws her dress in the trash can on location as we leave. When I started doing these photos I called them Trash the Dress sessions… and then I switched to Rock the Frock because it was a little less intimidating. Jess was the exception to the rule. When she heard rock the frock she really went all out and trashed the dress. This girl delivered in frigid cold west coast ocean water, oh and did I mention that it was an especially cold Spring here in Victoria, so this water has just started to warm up. Where other gals may have shyed away or lost the will to continue to the shoot, Jess ran with it and in my opinion the best photos from her session came from the end, where she was freezing her tush off! This is one gal who would have made it to the end on Top Model! Bring on the bikinis in snow Tyra- Jess would rock it there too! Hope you love these Jess, I had so much fun with both you and Lisa that afternoon ūüôā

Jess with her MOH Lisa!

Cleaning off!

Buh-Bye Dress!


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My Sunny Valentina {Victoria, BC Newborn Photography}

I have one of the best jobs in the world… I get to spend time with babies all the time;¬†make that¬†brand spankin’ new, adorable, smell so yummy, with squishy wanna pinch ’em chubby cheeks, babies! This past Tuesday¬†was on such occasion where I was a¬†lucky girl; I¬†had the opportunity to photograph one of the especially cute ones- Valentina. Valentina is the second daugther for my good friends Dave and Beth-Ann; their first daughter Melinha is equally as adorable and so full of personality- she loved being told she was gorgeous “am I gorgeous?” she would ask before a shot… how cute is that?! We had a great time, and I think we¬†captured some really great memories. Congrats Dave, Beth-Ann and Melinha; little Valentina is a true beauty.


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Marvelous Miss Maeve

On the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Miss Maeve! I first met Maeve’s parents Tania and Thomas when they comissioned me to do some maternity portraits. They are both genetically gifted and I was so pleased with the photos. So needless to say, I was thrilled when they wanted newborn shots of Maeve- I knew she would be a cutie-patootie-photogenic-star like her parents… and she was!

This image was achieved through extensive post-production work in Photoshop. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT!


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What To Wear?

More often than not I am asked by moms what their child (or family) should wear for a photo session… taking a cue from a fellow photographer I made up a little example of some outfit ideas. I always tell¬†moms that¬†something that “goes” together is what we are looking for…¬†the picture below is¬†an example of what I am trying to articulate not so articulately ūüôā They “go” but aren’t too matchy-matchy!

Some other rules of thumb: bright colours always look good on kids, if you are fair stay away from stark white as it can wash you out, if you are of a deeper complexion darks can fade you into the background, layering is a good idea for our West Coast weather, outfit changes can be a fun idea mid-shoot provided that outfit changes do not upset your child :)-

The looks below are all from Gap Kids and Baby Gap (www.gap.com). Gymboree, Mexx, Old Navy, The Children’s Place and even Superstore all have great stuff too!

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Choosing A Newborn Photographer

I came across a great article on babyphotographers.com that really helps parents decied who to choose for their newborn photography session.

Taken from www.babyphotographers.com
Posted by Heather on 3rd May 2010

How to Choose a Baby Photographer

What is your style? What do you like? Choosing a baby photographer is a big decision and can involve a significant investment. Here are a few tips to ensure you are satisfied and happy with the end result:

Decide Your Budget Range and Style

The first step in choosing a baby photographer is to decide on a style preference.  Do you prefer a modern look, a classic look, outdoors, indoors, colorful or black and white?  Many photographers have a distinct look, and you may want to consider if their style suits your home décor.  Additionally, prices will vary according to which photographer you choose.  Lower priced photographers will allow you to purchase more prints, while higher-end photographers provide added services such as helping you design custom artwork for your home.  So keep your style preference and budget at the top of your mind, as feeling confident about these two factors will help you be more efficient in your search for the perfect photographer.  

Research Baby Photographers Online

The second step in choosing a baby photographer is to browse the websites of photographers in your area.  Make a list of a few artists who are compatible with your style and your budget. As a general rule, photographers will most often display their best photos online to attract potential clients. If you don’t like what you see on the website, chances are high that you might not like their work in person.

Call Your Baby Photographer Choices and Narrow the List

Once you have a list of your top choices, call the photographers to determine if you ‚Äúclick‚ÄĚ with them on a personal level.¬† After all, this person will play an integral role in documenting your family history, so you want to ensure you like them.¬† Be open and communicative about your wishes, needs and budget ideas.¬† Get a ‚Äúfeel‚ÄĚ for the energy, the setting and the photographer‚Äôs ideas, take your time and make the right decision.

Know Your Photography Goals

A reputable and professional baby photographer will try and determine your goals and needs to ensure they provide you with the best possible service.  Questions you may want to be able to answer include:

  • Are you looking for custom wall art or something smaller to¬†¬† ¬†document this particular time?¬† This answer can play a major factor in your choice as you might invest in a higher-end photographer for your wall art and try various styles for your smaller prints.
  • What is your priority and main goal of booking this session?
  • Will this photo begin or follow an established family tradition? If it follows a family tradition, ensure you explain your needs fully or provide visual examples.

Remember, establishing a relationship and communicating your goals is the best step to success in hiring the ideal baby photographer for you. Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to displaying a gorgeous new portrait of your child in your home.


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L-U-C-Y… spells Cute :)

To view this little button’s complete session CLICK HERE.

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May Promotion

Hello readers of Our Little Pickle!

The month of May is an exciting one for myself and my family… little Everly is going to be one! This has been a big year for us, full of fun and challenges (as you know if you read this),¬†but most of all love ūüôā

In celebration of Everly beginning her second year of life I will be offering 20% off all photo sessions and custom design/print commissions booked for May. That’s maternity, newborn, children and family photos as well as birth announcements, invitations, save the dates and more.

I still have the following dates available: May 9th, 15th, 16th, 29th and 30th.

Thank you for supporting my business and I look forward to working with you to create lasting memories.


The Little Miss on her birthday invitation… how time flies:

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Yummy Mummy

I can safely say that I have never started a photo session with freshly baked banana bread. When I came to Tania and Thomas’s door on Sunday the rich smell of banana bread was wafting into my nose;¬†with it being a coldish and grey day, the smell was a welcome one as it made me feel all warm and gooey. Tania opened the door for me, we sorted out the common logistics of our shoot and then she fed me some of her delicious bread and all I have to write is YUM. I wish more clients would have baked goods ready for when I arrive, wait a second maybe I don’t… I would be putting on weight like a sumo wrestler! Tania and Thomas were¬†beyone awesome¬†to photograph- they were naturals in front of the camera and they are both good looking, can a photographer ask for more: nope! One of my favourite parts of doing maternity shoots is the love that you can feel between the two parents excited about their new arrival, Tania and Thomas had this love thing ooozing out of them. If you look closely I think you can see it, it’s that twinkle in their eyes and the slight grin in their cheeks. Their baby is going to be a lucky one; all that love and fresh banana bread to boot!



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