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One Year

Babeh Babeh is one year old today. I just can’t believe how quickly this past year has gone, or how much has happened. He’s been keeping us all on our toes. So many happy days, and a handful of really scary ones. His last surgery went well, there is a 30% chance that he will not need the second surgery, and we are crossing our fingers! He hasn’t lost any more weight, which is wonderful because he was very sick at the end of May and had surgery in June. He has been discharged from occupational therapy services, and is on follow-up status with physiotherapy and infant development. He is sleeping through the night, and napping once a day. He eats what we eat, and meal time meltdowns are minimal these days. He is still very clingy. Very clingy. Very, Very. Clingy. LOL. He has been my lesson in ultimate patience. He has made it up to 5 steps at a time. He can nearly rise to his feet on his own without support now too. He’s darn fast in crawling or bum scooting. It’s actually pretty surprising! He says: mama, dad, hi, dance, ball, dog, car, balloon, bird, “dat”” (as in what’s that), and just recently started saying “what” (this new word is likely a direct result of how often he hears this word during the day, because he is always fussing and I am always saying WHAT???). Last Tuesday he pointed to Evie twice and said “Ah-E,” but he hasn’t said it since, so I am guessing soon his tormentor will have a name, ha ha. When you ask him where mama’s nose is, he points to my nose, and the same for my eyes! Right now we are working on mouth… he really enjoys fish-hooking. He can feed himself with a spoon, and has started to stab food with a fork, but his table manners still leave much to be desired! Boys are such messy eaters, my goodness. He loves to dance and climb. He will climb anything, fortunately he has been receptive in learning how to climb down as well (might have taken one or two bails, but eventually he realized that I was trying to help him and not take away his fun). He likes cheese, raisins, and all kinds of fruit, we joke that he is a spider monkey. He will sit through almost an entire board book now (yay!). He likes Thomas the Train and Yo Gabba Gabba when he has TV time, the second kid totally has more TV time. Originally I felt guilty about this, but I have since gotten over it. Life is short, don’t sweat the small stuff, and all that hullaballoo. Matthew is the perfect completion to our family.

These photos were incredibly challenging. I might even go so far to say that this was the most challenging mini session that I have done EVER. He constantly wants to be attached to me, and he constantly wants to move. Yeah, that kind of gives you an idea of what I had to work with. He has low tolerance for anything that gets in his way of meeting those two needs. There aren’t a lot of smile for grandma shots, but that’s not my kid; Matthew is not a smile for grandma type. So I guess you could say that this session captures him almost perfectly, ha ha ha. Happy Birthday Babeh:)

And how much he has changed in one year. He is about 5 days old on the left. He weighed 7 pounds, and was 22 inches long. And one year on the right! 17 pounds heavier, and 9 inches taller!

The one year compare shot. Babeh on the left, and Evie on the right. Matty is weighing in at 24 pounds, 2 ounces, and he is 31 inches tall. Everly was 21 pounds, 3 ounces, and 31 inches tall. He really slowed down! They are only 3 pounds apart, and I never thought they would be the same height at one year. Everly was only 19 inches when she was born, Matty was 22. Evie made up for being 3 pounds less, by growing 3 inches more ūüôā Ahh my babies.


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Yummy Mummy

I can safely say that I have never started a photo session with freshly baked banana bread. When I came to Tania and Thomas’s door on Sunday the rich smell of banana bread was wafting into my nose;¬†with it being a coldish and grey day, the smell was a welcome one as it made me feel all warm and gooey. Tania opened the door for me, we sorted out the common logistics of our shoot and then she fed me some of her delicious bread and all I have to write is YUM. I wish more clients would have baked goods ready for when I arrive, wait a second maybe I don’t… I would be putting on weight like a sumo wrestler! Tania and Thomas were¬†beyone awesome¬†to photograph- they were naturals in front of the camera and they are both good looking, can a photographer ask for more: nope! One of my favourite parts of doing maternity shoots is the love that you can feel between the two parents excited about their new arrival, Tania and Thomas had this love thing ooozing out of them. If you look closely I think you can see it, it’s that twinkle in their eyes and the slight grin in their cheeks. Their baby is going to be a lucky one; all that love and fresh banana bread to boot!



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Last Night…

Everly did great last night. I sat in her room on the floor as she was falling asleep and got to see her own little sleep rituals taking place. She started by protesting a little bit, maybe three minutes tops… then she started to grab her hippo and talk to him, I am quite certain she was telling him all about her day. After she got tired of that she rolled over onto her tummy and started to make little mewing noises as she sucked on her finger, within minutes of this she was fast asleep. I rolled her back over after letting her get into a deep sleep- I am still not comfortable with her sleeping face first into the mattress!

She slept great through the night; making only a few sounds at 2:30am. She¬†didn’t wake up until 5:45am! At that time I took her into our bed after I fed her and we all slept in together until 8:30am, if you can believe it ūüôā While I was falling asleep next to her I thought how nice it was to lay there and snuggle- we don’t get to do that during the day because she is too busy, lol. I thought to myself that it would have been nice if the family bed thing had worked out, but then in the same instant I immediately thought- but who’s best interest would that have been in? Would I have been keeping her in our bed because of my own needs or hers. Since she sleeps great on her own in her own bed, I can confidently say it would not have been for her own needs. She sleeps worse when she is next to us because we wake her up! In the end it would have been for me, because I wasn’t ready to let go, which would have been fine too I guess if that was my process… but at some point you have to let go and allow your children to be independent, it helps to develop their self confidence and self concept. I want Everly to be a secure and confident woman who believes in herself above all else and I think this is one baby step in that direction.

While falling asleep next to her I also realized that I could look at her little face all day long. Everything about her was amazing. Her little nose and mouth, her beautiful, long¬†eyelashes on her cheeks, the rise and fall of her little body with each breath- in that moment she was¬†absolute¬†perfection to me, she still is when I think about it now. My heart filled with pride as I looked from her to B, thinking that we made her, what a miracle she is. I know, that’s super sappy, and a little bit cliche, but there are moments in the day where I can not get over how beautiful she is both inside and out and how incredible I think she is. She has taught me so much about myself and they are lessons that I didn’t even know I needed to learn. My daughter is slowly but surely making me a better person as I hope to do for her. Interesting isn’t it. When we have a child, we think that we will do all of the teaching, but oh no, they are the most intense teacher you are ever going to have- and you can’t skip class, he he he.

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My perfect girl!

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